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Finlock Concrete Guttering Replacement

Do you have Finlock guttering installed on your home or business? It may be causing serious damage to your property.

The majority of these installations have been found to leak on the joints which not only discharge down the outside of the walls but also into the cavity, causing internal dampness. Because concrete is both heavy and permeable to water, rainwater will never dry out the gutter. If the gutter never dries out, and the plaster in your house never dries out, the water build-up will lead to excessive damp.

A1 Roofing London specialised in the removal and replacement of Finlock concrete gutters. We’ll work closely with you to ensure our guttering services deliver exactly what you need. That’s why so many of our customers come back to us time and time again for all their roofing and guttering solutions.

While these Finlock Concrete Gutters can be reinforced with rubber or other liners, at the end of the it will only reduce the leak. And additionally this will need to be redone on a regular basis to ensure the home or the structure is always protected from water. Instead, we recommend removing these Finlock Concrete Gutters entirely and replacing them with the other more durable materials. The other gutter materials such as aluminium, even when damaged, can easily be spotted and fixed unlike the Finlock Concrete Gutters.

Finlock Concrete Gutters Removal and Replacement

A1 Roofing London will professionally remove Finlock concrete guttering and replace it with better performing Upvc or aluminium. Finlock gutter removal necessitates a high level of expertise because it requires extensive property renovations. Replacement of concrete gutters can jeopardise the roof’s structural stability. Failure to remove concrete guttering safely may result in long-term property damage.

We can efficiently remove any problematic concrete gutter and replace it with new Seamless Guttering or uPVC guttering.

Concrete gutters also known as finlock concrete gutters are often found in older homes. It is a very outdated method of guttering that is not used anymore in the construction of homes or other structures. Concrete gutters typically have to be waterproofed and need to be maintained regularly. A better and cost effective option would be to remove these finlock concrete gutters and replace them with aluminium gutters.

Affordable, Professional Concrete Gutters Repair & Replacement Services

We are proud of the high quality of our work and the excellent customer service we give. Our professional installers will protect your home at every stage of the installation, removing all debris from the job site after completion, and conducting a final walk-through with you to assure your complete satisfaction.

We understand that it is not always possible or affordable to replace the entire Concrete Gutters system. Which is why we also provide Finlock Concrete Gutter Repair to ensure that your property’s gutters are working order. It is important that the gutters of a home should be leak free and well able to direct the water away from the house in order to protect the basement and the structure of the building which is why we offer concrete gutter repair service as well.

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Affordable Finlock Concrete Gutters

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